OSG(The man who created this wonderful thing) URL: Comments: This thing kicks. Way to go, Sqwirly-Q.
DamienC URL: One l33t mofo
Nathaniel Meyer Nick: ExtremeZero
Sappy URL: - The Nintendo Classics Archive -  One of the l33t3st N.E.S sites around. Comments: I'm still on the staff Bitch.
J. D. Turbeville URL: Comments: It's dead, but it's l33t? Actually we're changing our name in 2001 and going more towards the business schtick end. Comment: Some no-named bastard that wants the press.
BkdTatrHrt URL: Comments: I'm still here, and still wanting to be on the staff honkie!
Sheik482 URL: Comments: Home of the NES cartoon archive!
superjoejr :D
Pavol38 :D
aWinnerIsYou URL: Comments: A winner is you!
LaMe_ :D
Bubblun URL: Comments: I've worked on every past issue doing Game of the Month reviews, it looks like I'm taking this month off but I'll try to have something special for the next issue! URL:
BigStu URL:
clay URL: Comments: great to have it back
Shawn Spear :D
Ruudos URL: Comments: My site will soon have a new name. I hope get this done and put some more reviews online. I want to give more info about the European Club Nintendo.
DFortress Comments: Duct tape is better than beer!
DeathSpork URL: Comments: I have submitted to most issues of the PaNESian so I'm basically an honorary staffer. Check out my site; It almost doesn't suck.
Willyman URL: Comments: PaNESian Press...? Count me in!
Dave Edsion URL: Comments: Wow, I like pie
TeŠ 9 URL: Comments: The merger of NES Fandom and NES Emulation...
Captain Barnacle Bill URL: Comments: ARRR. The Capn's site.
8-Bit Avenger URL: Comments: NES comics. Read, laugh, and be merry!
Particle913 :D
Daniel M. Comments: Im 14 and I have desolated my N64 to back to the world of NES and now I am constantly ridiculed..well who needs friends when I have the dudes from Maniac Mansion on my side....God I'm Pathetic!
Tyler Hogan :D :D
Ty URL: Comments:Cool! A NES newsletter!!!!!!!! I love you man!
Brandon :D
doodski :D
Mike :D
BPZ URL: Comments: Home of NES Survivor and many hand scribed FAQS
J. Parish URL: Comments: Zoink.
Liontamer :D
Chad :D
Double L URL:
ConmanX :D
Killa Coffey Comments: I love the power glove. It's so bad.- Lucas
Tod Farkus URL: Comments: Ah, we've been blessed. Again.
Nemox91 :D
Glantern Comments: I have been on the board for around 2 or more years. I contribute regularly and I contributed to the old press once. I have around 470+ games.

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