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      Guess who. Thought I went away. Thought the PaNESian was doomed. I'm not that shady of a guy. PaNESian is coming back whether people like it or not. I am putting out issues if we only even have 1 article. From this day forth submissions can be anything you want but I would like around 85-90% N.E.S. related filler. I still have the old subscription list and if you are on it you are getting issues unless you email me and want taken off. Staff is probably going to be wiped and reformed. If you know that youll do at least 1 article a month you can be staff. Game of the month for future issues are being accepted. Id like them to be lesser known games that are really good that we can recommend for people who have never played them. So thats the news now. This might actually bring a smile to some peoples faces because I am upping all the back issues. Enjoy and start writing.
Till next time,
Father Sqwirl


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